Friday, May 7, 2010

My first blog

First of all, props to Mike Stobbe for inspiring me to even do this. I figured if Mike's blogging then SHIT! I should be too.

It's Friday and I am still at work. But unlike all you other sad office dwellers, I have a cold Tecate in my hand. It's called Friday bitches.

Big plans for the weekend: Friday will finish out with some dinner, more Tecates at home, some tv with the kids and an early bedtime.
San Diego Derby Dolls Banked Track game at Del Mar on Saturday!
Mother's Day breakfast at the Parentals house on Sunday.

Went to Physical Therapy today for the first time. It was nice. They gave me a heated pad on my back at the end. Twice a week for three to four weeks. Let's see what it does...or if it helps.

In the meantime, gotta down the beer and go get the kids! let the weekend begiN!

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