Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mid Century Modern Chair Restoration!

I have had this amazing mid-century modern reclining chair and ottoman for awhile now.  It is made by Shield Chair Company of California.  There are straps on the bottom seat area and the ottoman.  The original straps gave out and crumbled.  They were made out of some sort of linen that was coated with wax or rubber.  They finally shredded at the metal hooks.

I ordered a repair kit from Miller Upholstery on Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/millerupholstering).  They provided a practice piece of the strap material and a metal clip, as well as, detailed instructions and all!  I wish I would have known how easy it was going to be because I would have done it sooner!  I bought it in December 2011....it's May 2012.

I went to Upholstery Fabric Outlet down in National City and found some really nice creamy, white fabric for the cushions.  I sent the cushions out to my guy and he was finished in no time.  Next it was my turn on the strap replacement.

Here it is before:

The back of the chair has some cool rubber wrapped wire that snakes up the entire area.  Very comfy!

I started with the ottoman and did one strap at a time:

Until every one was cut and installed.  I was seriously impressed with my handy work!

Next came the chair bottom section!

And here they are together!

But the final product was the most amazing to me!  If only I had a picture of the HIDEOUS Southwestern fabric the cushions were made out of before - ACK!  It was bad.  

And her she is reclined...

But now I have had it for so long that it doesn't match or fit in our house anymore.  She went up on eBay today and I am hoping she'll find a new home where someone will love her as much as I did!!

Here she is for sale:

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