Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cold Beer, Warm Iron

I am getting so excited about going to King of Clubs at Barona this weekend. This will be the first time Andrew and I will have a vendor booth EVER.

I have been so nervous about having everything we need ready and together (tables, bags for patterns, price tags, a money box, change....the list goes on). But now that a trip to Home Depot and Target cleared that list it's on to new lists.

I have been ironing vintage aprons, sewing Virgin of Guadalupe pillows, packaging patterns, pricing and sizing, making an inventory list, etc. But it's so much fun. I should be dead-ass tired by now but somehow I am still going strong. It's awesome.

The best part is that we thought we would be taking the kids with us. A bunch of friends are camping overnight Saturday at the Speedway and we weren't going to with the kids. But my mom and dad had a scheduling issue with the weekend they were supposed to take them and so now they have them this weekend! Hello Air Mattress and Camping! I have missed you!

I can't wait for work to be over tomorrow...after I make business cards and size dividers for the patterns. :)

Off to more stuff. Love Life. <3

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