Friday, July 29, 2011

I just got a rad batch of vintage patterns in the mail!!  OMG!!  I am out of my mind!  Lots of pieces to count and match up but that's the fun part!  I especially like it when I find out that they are UNCUT and unused.  I wonder if there is a term for people that like paper goods.  I would be that person.  

I am fascinated by any old paper pieces.  I found the original final inspection record for my house from 1958.  I love to see the handwriting and see that it survived.  Paper is so fragile and yet, 53 years later there it is.  A record of a time long past.  It's very cool.

ANYWAY, back to my scoring.  

Here's an overall shot but I have some favorites already!

And this little number is so cute with the matching skirt!

So give me a few days to sort through it all!  Have a great weekend!

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