Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thank goodness that's over...

Back at work and feeling really good about the new year.  
I realized a couple things.  I eat better when i am working.  i drink more water and stay on my schedule of eating better when i am at work.  vacation makes me eat shit, crap, junk at all hours of the day.  i have no schedule, no clock, etc.  
So I can handle the weekends.  I just can't do a whole week and two weekends and stay focused and strong about eating right and enough.  I want to do projects, and clean and Etsy and all.  But I have learned that I will eat the closest thing to me when I wait too long and am hungry.  I need easy, high protein snacks ready to go at all times!  
Given that fact, I have found my new snack and I am loving it.  Cooked chicken.  Yeah, that's all.  I used the crock pot over vacation and am hooked.  
Easy Speasy Chicken 
throw frozen chicken breasts into crock pot
one or two cans of cream of chicken soup mixed with water to make creamy
dump on top of chicken.  use water to fill the pot enough to cover the breasts (haha, i said breasts :)
turn on high for five or six hours.  
drain sauce.
shread or cube chicken
put into tupperware in frig.
VIOLA!  Instant protein snack ready when you are!  No more searching the cabinets or frig.  Add to cottage cheese with pepper on top or Tapatio.  OY VEY!  It's good.

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