Monday, December 12, 2011

Day One Food

So I think the biggest thing that I am learning is that I wasn't eating ENOUGH.  That's right people.  I was only eating three times a day along with a couple cookies and three thousand cups of espresso with creamer.  So I should be eating five times a day and eating smaller portions.  And more WATER.  Much more water.

Today I had a protein shake for breakfast at about 7am
Greek Vanilla Yogurt with a handful of granola at 10am
Mixed greens, feta, strawberry, walnut and chicken salad at 12pm
And now I am snacking on exactly 24 raw almonds.  Not 25, 24, get it straight.

In the meantime, I have only had two cups (really 16oz cups) of coffee/espresso today instead of my usual five or six.  Strangely I feel less jittery, SHOCKING!  And I have substituted the coffee for water.  Three bottles (16.9 oz) of water to be exact.  Plus one cup green tea, which I have been told to drink by my new nutritionist.

All I got to say is what is for dinner?  Wishing it was buscuits and gravy but we know that ain't what's happenin' at my house....probably the rest of my salad from lunch.

I gotta say it's weird to say that.  I usually would eat the whole salad.  But now I have broken it down into two meals and I think that's just dandy, thank you.

Thank you to everyone's helps to tell people what you are doing so that you keep to it.  Being accountable.

Cheers for now!

<3 Brin

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  1. Awesome, Brin! I added you to my blogroll out at and I'm looking forward to more of your wit and narration!