Monday, December 12, 2011

I am overweight and I am doing something about it.

I have never been a small girl, ever.  I was 5'10" by the time I was in tenth grade and towered over just about every boy in school.  My usual weight is about 155-160 at its best.  I now weigh 170 pounds and do not fit into most of my clothes.

Excuses I could give you as to why I have gained weight:

1.  I had shoulder surgery in September and I have been less active
2.  I used to go rollerskating for a couple hours at least one night a week.  Now I spend that night at a friend's house eating massive amounts of food.
3.  I don't make time to exercise.
4.  I like eating, a lot.
5.  I am 39 and my metabolism has slowed down.

The truth of the matter is that I am lazy AND like to eat.  

I don't like myself naked anymore.  I don't like the way clothes look on me.  I can't take it anymore.

Today I am starting to take control of this situation.  I am on a path to better eating, smarter eating and looking better.  And whether you like it or not, I am sharing my path to getting my body back!  

I called my friend Krissy Krash, from the LA Derby Dolls last week.  She is a trainer and she has her own business called Active Nutrition, working with a company called Herbalife.  She has taken this career and her love and passion for roller derby and started a program for skaters called Derbalife.  She is changing lives and bodies all over the place. - register for free and learn how to reach your goals through good nutrition!
Got questions about fitness, nutrition, derbalife, life? Ask me here!
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She is going to help me.  So here we go....

As of last night here are my measurements:
Bust 42"
Waist 32"
Hips 43"
Arms 12"
Thighs 25"

I am not sure how this is going to work but I will be chronicling my journey to a better, hotter body.  


  1. You will be marvelous at any size.

  2. I'll be with you every step of the way and hopefully your hard work will help me and motivate me (and others) to do the same!!! You go girl!!! And I totally sympathize with all you wrote above...ditto...minus a shoulder surgery. Love you and good luck!!!

  3. so proud of you! thanks for trusting me to coach and support you! xoxoxox

  4. were about the same size hun I'm 5'11 170... I think you look grate but if you are not happy then do it make yourself happy hun good luck!

  5. Can't wait to WANT to get ready for work again and fit into those sexy secretary pencil skirts! Thanks Krissy!

  6. After reading this, & talking with you this morning you really got me thinkin'. I relate to everything you wrote above except swap shoulder surgery to back injury and welp...yup.
    You have my support, and perhaps I'll hop on that train & join you.
    Go girl!

  7. Got your back, baby. Love that you're throwing it all out there!