Monday, December 19, 2011

the weekend: eat, drink, barf, drink more water.

well the weekend mornings were great!  stayed on the shake and supplements, no problem.  even kept up the water intake on saturday.

then we went to a thanksgiving re-do holiday party on saturday night.  i ate a bunch of different stuff (honey baked ham, green bean casserole, desserts, booze, dips, etc).  i brought some artichoke-diced chile dip with reduced fat wheat thins.  the dip was made with fat-free cream cheese and fat free mayo, so not horrible.

i drank a lot of moonshine too.  how do you even find a calorie intake for homemade hooch?  anyway...then at about 4am, i woke up and barfed, brushed my teeth, went right back to bed.

how do i figure that in to the intake?
did i barf up half of what i ate and drank?  a quarter?
so i didn't track saturday after about 4pm.  no use.

back on track today and figuring out what to eat for lunch :)

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