Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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I haven't felt like there has been anything noteworthy happening lately hence my lack of posting.  Not much going on in the whole weight loss department.  Well, one thing; another pair of pants fit.  I do not own a scale which makes it difficult to determine actual pounds lost or gained.  So I rely on the fit (or lack thereof) of my clothes.

As I told y'all before, I was down to two pairs of pants that still fit; one navy blue, one black.  Well add another pair of black to that list.

I have been really sticking to my food plan and this past weekend I went bowling on Saturday and painted the front of the house on Sunday.  What a difference a non-pukey color makes.



On another note, going to advertise the Etsy store for the first time starting March 1st.  I love this blog called SometimesSweet.com and she has advertising space.  I can't wait to see what kind of traffic it brings in.

Hope everyone is healthy and happy and doing well.

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